Sunday, August 10, 2008

More vases! And House gets... House-ier.

I made more vases! Yay! The middle one is currently my favorite, and the one on the right I don't really like at all. The left one continues in a rainbow-ish color pattern, and the middle one has different tree-bird-cloud scenes on each side. The one on the right I was trying to be a bit random with the colors, which didn't really work out the way I wanted it to. I was uninspired by it, so I just threw on some flowers drawn on the text of some diabetes medication adverts and other boring stuff.

Also, this is what House looks like at the moment. It seems like the closer I get to finishing it, the less I want to work on it. Pretty much the only thing that's changed is he has both shoulders, a cane, and I managed to make the background even brighter than before somehow.

Quick vote - should I put the Vicodin bottle in or no? I kinda don't want to draw it in there, because the positioning is awkward, but I think a caricature of House really needs it. Opinions?