Sunday, January 23, 2011


Two paintings I've done recently.

My roommate has a wall dedicated to art of her dog, and we thought my cat might feel a little left out, so I painted this of her today.

This is part of an art trade for a friend.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Details, details.

Lately I've been interested in really detailed and intricate, almost patterned stuff.

It started with a little painting of Matryoshka-doll-like creatures. (6x9", acrylic)

Then I got really wrapped up in creating a new backing for a set of hooks to hang up in my new room (more about that later.) It formerly had a vintage-y looking coffee ad, but I wanted to make it mine. When I noticed chipboard was almost exactly the same color as the frame, I cut a new back for it and just started doodling with microns and white colored pencil. I left a space for writing, but had no idea what I wanted to put, so I ended up putting what had been my senior quote for the high school yearbook; "Live all the days of your life." I figure it's a good reminder to have. My jewelry hangs on this now.

Last, I did these small (4x6") paintings in gouache over the past couple of days while being a couch potato. We just got upgraded on our cable, so things like Animal Planet and Discovery channel that I've never have had available have been sucking up my free time.

So the big news is that I've moved. Instead of living half an hour outside of Asheville, I now reside in the heart of it, which is working out great so far. I'm sharing an apartment with an awesome roommate, her dog, and my cat. It's a little crowded sometimes, and there's a bit of pet drama once in a while, but it's starting to feel like home and I love it.


Here's what I drew and posted to Facebook instead of sending Christmas cards. It's a bit of an inside joke with my friends. It doesn't fit the theme of the post, but hey, it's something I drew so I'm posting it here.