Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some couples sketches

I'm still not drawing stuff I'm really proud of yet at BG, but here's some sketches I like, just to get a sense of what I do all day.

The woman had a shirt that said "I Bite" on it, so I tried to be clever with it. T-shirts are usually a great place to insert your own jokes or digs at the person.

This couple sat down one at a time, so I didn't get a picture of both of them as they were, so you can't see it but the woman had a gold tooth with a heart cutout on it. I usually am terrible at making couples sketches have good interaction, so I tried bring them together a little more by having hearts come out of her tooth and wrap around him.

I think the whole reason this couple got their caricature done is because the woman wanted his chin on paper. I have two things I really dislike about this sketch - she smiled a little sideways, but my attempt to draw that just looks kind of awkward, and the arms at their sides make it really obvious just how bad I am at interaction.

That's it for now.