Friday, August 15, 2008


So I'm sure everyone else is as sick of this picture as I am, but it's FINALLY DONE. I am NOT working on it anymore. I am done. Even though I'm not happy with the hair and there's some weird kind of shadow next to the head on the right, I am done. Mostly because I've gotten to that point where I absolutely hate it and feel like I have to fix everything, and I know from experience if I touch it now I'll end up ruining it.

Gouache has been weird to work with - at first I loved it, and then I started to realize some of its limitations and hated certain elements of it. I simultaneously feel like I overworked it, and didn't work it enough.

I also kinda regret the background choice, and had a really hard time finding a color to paint the frame that would go with it - the yellow I chose is slightly less mustardy than the picture makes it look (I played with the contrast and color levels in photoshop a lot, but the colors are still a little off) and it kinda looks good, but at the same time I think it's probably too bright. But the only other colors I could seem to find that didn't outright clash was a dark maroon red (which made the background look like the fires of hell) and dark blue (but I couldn't find spray paint in the right shade.)

But, the important thing is I finished my first studio-caricature, and I have it done in time for the show. Now I should go to bed before I give in to the temptation to redo the entire thing.