Sunday, August 3, 2008

Half finished House

I've been working on this painting for a few days now (by which I mean for four hours or so two days ago, and half an hour today) but there's still quite a bit to be done. Things like his other shoulder, finishing his hair, the cane with the Vicodin bottle perched on it, and changing the flourescent orange background I started. It's gouache (a wonderful paint that's somewhere in between tube watercolors and acrylic paint in consistency for those unfamiliar to it) and it's (obviously) Hugh Laurie as House. There's a caricature show coming up in the near future, and I wanted to have something to add to it. I'm hoping to finish this and start/finish one of Eddie Izzard (in a dress!) before the deadline (in about a week!) so wish me luck.

Also, there's a ridiculous amount of parenthesis(es?) in this post.

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Sheina Fae said...

NICE! Aaaaand... found you!