Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Post!

I know, I've been really lame the last few months.

So North Carolina's pretty boring, my job's okay but not exactly challenging (except in a "how can I make myself look busy today? kind of way) and snow's pretty for about five minutes and then it kind of sucks. Also did not realize how much of a Floridian I was until I got here and realized how low my tolerance for cold is.

In other news, I decided to experiment with sewing this week. A couple that I know who have been very nice to me had a baby boy. Their last name is Fox, so I decided to try to make a stuffed fox for the baby. I have never sewn a stuffed animal before, nor have I used a sewing machine for more than a few minor repairs on clothing and the pillow we sewed in Home Ec seventh grade. I also could not find any patterns anywhere for a simple fox. In conclusion, this whole process has been... interesting.

My first attempt at a pattern ended up far different than I imagined (the red one) and I think it looks more like a cat with a mustache than a fox. I made it small as a sort of prototype, and while it has it's charms, I'm glad I did a test one first.

The blue one is the one I think I'm going to give my friends. It's got its share of flaws (eye too high, seams don't exactly line up, a little lumpy in places) but it's made of fleece and super soft and huggable, so it's good for a baby I think.

Anyways, that's about the most I've created in a while, so I thought an update was in order. I have lots of leftover fabric scraps, so I may play around and make more little plushie things... we'll see.

Will update again sooner that last time! Promise.

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I just want to squeeze them!!!!
Squeezieness overload