Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some of my prints

So, I've been super lazy and not uploading my prints like I was supposed to a bajillion years ago (aka two months) so here's ones I took photos of that DIDN'T come out terribly fuzzy - and I'll get the rest later.

This one's a "colograph," which means we had to build up a plate instead of carving out one - which meant that it was difficult to get sharp lines or clear spaces because we had to smush the colors all over the place. When she showed me the examples, they all looked very primitive, so I decided to embrace that and wanted to do a portrayal of a myth. I kinda just combined a couple of stories I've heard before and made my own. The idea is a hunter shot down a bird, but when its mate sang so sadly he felt compassion for it and took a feather from the bird he shot, fashioning an arrow, and shot it's mate because he knew that was the only way they could be together. When he shot it, there was a rush of wind and both birds flew away and disappeared.

This one isn't near so complicated as the other. To really explain it, you'd have to see another print I did - the teacher asked us to draw something unlike our usual style, so I decided on a house because I'm terrible at drawing architectural things. Then I decided the drawing was too boring - so I looked through some other stuff I did, and found a picture of an octopus I had drawn. I pretty much just drew in the octopus on top of the house for the heck of it, I thought it was funny.

Anyways, our last assignment was to make a set of prints that we'd exchange and everyone in the class would get one. So, I decided to continue the theme from the octopus print, which had been my favorite, and the one everyone remembered. Hence, the jellyfish over a city skyline.

And believe it or not, the green is much brighter than it looks here - more neon, less pukey.

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